Breast Milk Storage Tips

Any mom who eventually, at some point, wants to have a few hours away from baby (that's every mom, right?) could benefit from having some milk in the freezer for hubby or family to feed baby with.

When I had my first born, I was completely overwhelmed once I had even a little extra milk that needed to be frozen. Frozen milk bags slowly overtook our freezer in unkempt piles. It doesn't have to be that way!

Make life a little bit easier with some of these hacks to storing breast milk.

1. Use your flange as a funnel

How did we not think of this? Breast milk is precious, as all of us who have spilled a little know (there IS such thing as crying over spilled milk). Alleviate pour pressure by using one of your flanges as a funnel so you don't miss a drop.

2. Breast milk labeling charm

MilkCharm Breast Milk Bottle Charms

MilkCharm's breast milk labeling charm is a quick, easy, and reusable way to date the bottles in your fridge. You only want to keep milk in the fridge for up to 5 days, then freeze it. These charms make tracking fridge time easy.

3. Freeze bags flat

I didn't know this when I started my breast milk journey. I stood the bags up in the door for them to freeze, and after accumulating some it was an unorganized mess. Be sure to lay your bags flat in the freezer, as the skinny bags will take up less space and be easier to store.

Freeze breast milk bags flat

 You can freeze bags flat in your freezer right next to the ice cube tray of home made baby food :-)

4. Store in gallon bags or cut 12 pack box 

Even frozen breast milk has a shelf life. If you have enough extra milk that it's taking up space, organization is imperative. One neat hack is to use the box of a 12 pack of cans. You can keep the oldest in front and place fresh bags at the back, keeping your stash rotation first-in-first-out (boss babe moms are all about FIFO).

Frozen Milk Bags

If you've got enough milk to justify a deep freezer, number 1 - bless your heart. Number 2 - Gallon bags can be your savior. Since you're freezing your bags flat (see above), the 6oz breast milk storage bags can fit usually 10 per gallon bag. Label the bag with the earliest bag date, and you can stack the gallon bags to maximize your storage space.

5. Thaw frozen bags in a clean cup

Milk bags leak. It's an unfortunate fact of momhood. Fingers crossed it won't happen but a few times for you, but to avoid the loss of any milk, be sure to thaw your frozen milk bags in a larger, clean cup or bowl so it can still be used in the event of a defective bag.

Thaw frozen breastmilk in a clean cup

6. Get the air out

Slide the bag on the edge of the counter to remove air as you zip lock it. You can zip lock about half the bag, then squeeze the air out the other side and quickly finishing sealing the bag shut.

You won’t have to deal with air bubbles and have a nice flat bag!

Are you a breast milk storage pro? What breast milk storage tips did we miss?

Tell us in the comments!


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