Breastfeeding Moms Slay CPK 🤱

Recently, a local breastfeeding mother was shamed for nursing her baby at a California Pizza Kitchen. She shared her story on FB:



According to the mom, she was nursing her baby in the restaurant when a manager asked her to cover up.

Her post was shared to a large community of moms, and WOW was their response impressive. Her post was shared over 1.1k times:



Overnight, the California Pizza Kitchen’s Facebook reviews went from positive to decidedly negative - racking up double the 1 star reviews than 5 stars:

The feedback was pretty unanimous - you don’t mess with the breastfeeding mom community. They also have the law on their side - Michigan has the Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimation Act, which protects publicly nursing mothers.

If you’re a Michigan mom, be sure to familiarize yourself with your rights. According to the Act,

“A woman who is subject to discrimination because of breastfeeding can file a civil suit seeking injunctive relief, actual damages or presumed damages of up to $200. A court could also award the mother full reimbursement for any legal costs.

Companion legislation sponsored by Reps. Amanda Price, R-Park Lake, and Lisa Posthumus Lyons, R-Alto, will ensure that nursing mothers cannot be charged under state laws prohibiting indecent exposure or disorderly conduct.”

CPK issued an apology:

But it was too little too late for most. Reviewers were adamant about the rights of this nursing mom:


See all the reviews here.

If your breastfeeding rights are violated, just tell a few moms. We’re a network of badass women who will tell the world.

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