Gifts For First Time Moms

First time moms feel a lot of pressure to be ready before the baby comes (and physical pressure... in a few other places). Baby showers are great for baby supplies, but what about everything for mom?

Based on our experience, here's some gifts for first time moms that they won't realize they need until after they need it!

 1. Hands-Free Pump Bra

If mama is planning to breastfeed, a hands free pump bra is life changing. Our Hands-free pumping bra goes right over an opened nursing bra or nursing shirt, and can get tucked in her pump bag to be around at all times. Paired with our nursing shirts, pumping is much more convenient as she won't have to get undressed! We're also intrigued by the Brauxiliary band, which turns every bra into a pump bra, and is much more compact than anything else we've seen.

2. Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump BagWe absolutely love the Sarah Wells "Lizzy" Breast Pump Bag. With cutouts on each side there's plenty of room to fit whatever pump she has (the PISA is pictured, but we use it with a Spectra). It's a pretty large bag, so the central area has plenty of room for your hands free pump bra, pump or nursing cover, bottles, and your pump car charger. We use the opposite side cut out to hold an ice pack and keep pumped milk cold. This bag is a must for any new moms planning on going back to work!

3. Coffee Mug

I can't even count the number of times I lost a cup of coffee in the microwave. Babies need a lot of attention, and moms needs a lot of coffee. We love this coffee mug from The Brazen Cuppery.


4. Comfy Nursing Clothes

You knew we'd mention our products here, right? Making moms lives easier is pretty much why we exist, so get the new mom in your life a cozy sweater or comfy t-shirt to make the long days (and nights) a little more relaxed.

Nursing Shirt the Peek Curved Hem

5. One-A-Day Journal

The days may be long but the years are short. Help set new moms up to record their memories with Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. With just enough room to record one thought, quote, or memory each day it's a type of scrapbook she might actually be able to keep up with!

6. Coconut Oil

Seriously, just Coconut Oil. Moms put that ish on everything.

7. Milestone Photo Shoot

We allll want photos of new babies, and some of their milestones like their 6 month or 1st birthday, but professional photographers can get expensive. Surprise the first time mom in your life by ponying up the cash for a newborn shoot, or let her choose a milestone. We hear having pro photographers at 1st birthday parties are en vogue right now, that might be a great gift for mom that she would never get for herself. Left to her own devices, mom will take her own photos at the party and thus be in none of them. 


What'd we miss?

Let us know your favorite suggestion for a gift for first time moms!

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  • I love the one line a day journal!! I’ve been writing in one for five years now and it’s my most precious item that I own.


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