How We're Different

As the normalize breastfeeding movement continues to gain momentum, breastfeeding apparel is becoming more popular. There are quite a few companies that are now selling nursing and breastfeeding apparel, and I want to explain how we're different from them.

1) Original Product

The Royal Peek T-Shirt, Peek Curved Hem, Blue Floral Peek, and Blue Chevron Peek are customized designs that you won't find anywhere else. I work with manufacturers to see what popular clothing designs they are offering, and then see how I can customize it to accommodate a breastfeeding mom. 

That's why there's currently only a few products in the store - with your support, my goal is to expand the line to include more options and styles including dresses.

2) Product Design

Many of the nursing shirts utilize "Empire Line Access", which is the horizontal opening over the chest area of the shirt. Before opening this store, I got a sweatshirt with the empire line access. Since I am always pulling my shirts down over my hips, I was pulling the bottom part of the chest area down under my boobs and worried I was exposing my underboob. I think that design is flawed, so you won't see much of that in my store. You will mostly see side slits, snaps, or zippers so you don't show anything unless you mean to.

3) Price

If we can't sell an item for less than $50, you won't find it in our store. When browsing for breastfeeding tops, we found that tank tops ran around $40, and sweatshirts were anywhere from $70-$88! Say whaaaaat?

I don't think breastfeeding moms should have to compromise between DIY'ing their own apparel by cutting/gluing old tank tops, or paying an exorbitant amount of money for clothing just because it is breastfeeding friendly.

There are extremely cheap options out there - but you get what you pay for. 

4) Experience

I exclusively pumped for my first born for almost an entire year. If anyone knows what it's like needing to get access to your boobs multiple times a day no matter where you are, it's me. 

Thank You

I appreciate you taking the time to visit the site, and learn more about why we're different from our competitors. With your help, I hope we can grow this store together into something amazing.